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Thiru.M.Kumarasamy, an illustrious septuagenarian, Chairman of M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering is a philanthropist, popularly known to the people of this region as Maniyakar was a Munisif of Thalavapalayam Village for more than a score of years. During his tenure as Munisif of this village several community projects were programmed and implemented by him successfully.

MKCE is a dream project of Thiru.M.Kumarasamy, Chairman got materialized in 2000. His love and devotion for the college is next only to agriculture, transport operation and poultry farming. His philanthropic mind is exemplified by putting up a technical institution to help to rural students to get engineering education at an affordable expense and augment the employability among the rural students.The Chairman Thiru.M.Kumarasamy is the kingpin of the institution striving hard for growth and stupendous development.