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Feedback on Curriculum

Feedback on Curriculum

The Institution collects feedback on curriculum aspects and courses from various stakeholders such as students, faculty, alumni, employer, and parent. Based on the collected feedback, the institution design and develop the curriculum to satisfy the local, national, regional, and global developmental needs. Feedback System on Curriculum consists of:

Feedback Collection:

  • Feedback on curriculum is collected from students and faculty at the end of each semester through the in-house portal (CAMS).
  • Feedback is collected from the other stakeholders such as alumni, employer, and parent once in a year.
  • Feedback is collected from the employers during the placement drives by the placement and training office and by the faculty members during their industrial visit.
  • Feedback is collected from the alumni during the alumni meet and also during their official visit to the institution.
  • All the structured feedback forms are available on the institution's website.
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Filled Feedback on Curriculum (sample)

Feedback Analysis:

  • All the stakeholder's feedbacks were analysed by using a five-point rating scale. The maximum score is 5 and the minimum score is one, where 5 indicates Excellent, four means Very Good, 3 indicates Good, 2 indicates Average, and 1 indicates Poor.
  • The stakeholder's feedback is analysed by the department level curriculum development committee.
Feedback Analysis Report

Feedback Summary and Recommendations:

  • Based on the feedback analysis, the curriculum development committee summarizes the various stakeholder's feedback and writes the overall summary of stakeholder's feedback on the curriculum, and finally gives the recommendations to the corresponding Board of Studies.
Feedback Summary and Recommendations

Action Taken:

  • Based on the recommendations of the curriculum development committee and the suggestions given by the Board of Studies members, appropriate changes are incorporated in the curriculum and courses.
Action Taken Report